Meet the Coaches

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Photo Coach/Bio Contact Info
Dawn Cumby-Dallin Dawn Cumby-Dallin
Celina Kosmala Celina Kosmala
Cindy Mein-Moloney Cindy Mein-Moloney
Jessica Pritchard Jessica Pritchard
Judy Bates Judy Bates
Bridgitte Mackey Brigitte MacKey
Kim Wilson  Kim Wilson
No photo available Troy Hockley
Lori Atkins  Lori Atkins
Bonnie Porter Bonnie Martin-Porter      CONSULTANT
Karen Westby-Bulger Karen Westby-Bulger   CONSULTANT
Janice Haig Janice Haig
Kortney Morello Kortney Morello
Diane Sargent Diane Sargent