Helmets are mandatory up to Stage 5

This 50 minute learn-to-skate program teaches the basic of forward and backward skating, stopping, turning, spinning and jumping. Skaters are grouped by ability and age and are evaluated regularly as they progress through the 5 stages at their own pace. The successful completion at each stage is recognized with the awarding of a badge. Report cards are provided at mid-way and at the completion of the winter session.

As skaters progress through the stages of the Canskate program they become eligible to move into the Canskate Advanced or STARskate 1 program.


The CanSkate program curriculum is organized into three Fundamental Areas, divided into six stages of learning. The Fundamental areas are:
  • BALANCE: Concentrating on most forward skills, pushing technique and edges.
  • CONTROL: Concentrating on most backwards skills, stopping and speed elements.
  • AGILITY: Concentrating on most turning and jumping skills.
The awards consist of:
  • Three Fundamental Area ribbons for each stage
  • Six stage badges
To receive a badge, skaters must acheive all Fundamental Area ribbons (Balance, Contol and Agility) from the corresponding stage. The skill requirements for each Fundamental Area are indicated on the report card.

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