starskate 1 & 2

Previously known as Intermediate and Senior

This program is divided into Junior, Senior and Elite Starskate sessions.

S kill, T ests, A chievement, R ecognition
This is what STARskate is all about!

This program is designed for the skaters who have accomplished the fundamentals of skating and are in a position to advance these skills with the aid of a professional coach. Individual lessons encompass stroking, skills, freeskate and dance with time to practice without a coach. This program allows a skater to participate in the SKATE CANADA Starskate program by completing the required tests.

This program is divided into Starskate 1 and Starskate 2 sessions in order to ensure skater safety of the sessions. Different requirements have been put in place to organize each session effectively.

When you register for the Starskate program, you become a member of Skate Canada and will have access to:

  • Opportunities to be recognized through a nationally standardized testing system for achieving specific figure skating skills
  • Complimentary Gold Test pins
  • Invitational and interclub competitions, including the STARSkate championship stream
  • Specifically designed awards and incentives such as badges, tattoos and stickers
  • STARSkate Skater of the Year awards program
  • Progress updates and report cards
  • Special STARSkate events and club functions
  • Opportunity to be talent-scouted
  • Opportunity for personal growth and the development of important life skills such as goal-setting, self-discipline, confidence, time management, healthy lifestyle and coping strategies to deal with success and failure

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