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Guidelines for Parents

Test ResultsSkate Canada has a testing program set up for the following disciplines: Dance, Skills, Freeskate and Interpretive.

  • The skater can explore all disciplines to the success they would like to achieve
  • Testing is a very important part of a Skaters development
  • It measures their progress and allows them to see the results of their hard work
  • It allows the coach, parent and skater to plan the season ahead
  • There are a number of test days throughout the season
  • Your coach will decide which test your child is prepared for and will advise you when a test is being put into a test day
  • An envelope with test(s) and fees will be given to your skater by either the Test Chair of their coach
  • The fee is due back by the date on the envelope
  •  Only paid tests will be included in the Test Day Schedule
  •  Unpaid test envelopes will not be included, but full payment will still be required, except for injury or illness
  • The skater must be dressed appropriately, hair neatly tied back, no holes in tights,skates clean and wear a dress for dance tests
  • The skater must be at the arena at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled test time as the test day may run ahead
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding testing please talk to your coach for further clarification

Test Day Policies

  • The Skate Canada test evaluators are volunteers
  • Test day schedules are set and ice allocated according to the number of tests submitted and availability of qualified evaluators
  • The schedule may include a time which may require your child to miss school
  • The test day may need to be changed to another day, or include sessions due to the availability of evaluators, ice availability or quantity of tests
  • Coaches finalize test lists 2 weeks prior to the actual test day. Skater test envelopes are initiated and given to the coaches for distribution to their skaters
  • Test envelopes are dues back to the Test Chair, 1 week prior to the test day commencing
  • The final test list is made up from the paid returned envelopes only. Any skater test envelopes not returned by the scheduled date will not be included for test day.
  • The final test schedule will be posted on the Club Bulletin Board. Please check for your name and tests you are trying. Any discrepancies should be brought to your coach and the test chair.
  • Partial refunds will only be given for medical reasons
  • Skater’s who do not perform their test on test day will be recorded as a retry and the applicable fees will apply

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